mmI’m a Rome-based journalist and reportage artist. I graduated with honors in Cultural Anthropology from La Sapienza University of Rome and specializes in Visual Anthropology.

Having left the corporate media world upon travelling as a reporter, photographer and reportage illustrator, I’ve spent most of my life going back and forth between my native Italy and other countries. My visual-stories, portrait-interviews and reportages appeared in daily, weekly and monthly publications (“Paese Sera”, “Sette”- Corriere della Sera, “Marie Claire”, “Elle”, “Grazia”, “Gioia”, “”, “Master Viaggi”, “Nigrizia”, “E’Lifestyle”, “Viaggiare”, among others), and in some recent books and travel guides.

As a reportage artist I’ve exhibited my long-term project about a geography of emotions and urban textures, MUP (Mappe Urbane Personali), at the International Photo Festival of Corigliano C. (2008), and later at the Emilio Greco Museum in Sabaudia, then in Rome (2009), at ViaGiulia95 Gallery. Recently I have been exhibited four different times in New York City, in Manhattan Galleries and in Brooklyn, in London, and in Brazil (Florianopolis and Brusque), and published three art books in limited Edition. I currently participate in exhibitions, workshops and encounters on the topic of the Reportage illustration-Taccuini di viaggio from my own perspective as a Visual Anthropologist and a Reporter: drawing has always been an important part of my life, most of all urban environments and patterns, so calligraphy and collage, and everywhere I travel, I take my sketchbook, pen and ink along with me. I like to play with different techniques and approaches.

As a journalist and writer, I recently published a book with a collection of stories: “Ho cambiato la mia vita: 20 storie di donne dal mondo Tupperware”, MONDADORI Electa, 2013 (also in ebook on iTunes), and as a blogger in 2008 I founded the widely read blog-zine Donneconlavaligia-I miei taccuini di viaggio  and published the book: “Donne con la valigia: A Little Guide to the Art of Stylish Travelling” (Astraea Publishing House, 2009). The blog and the book have been featured in numerous publications, radio and tv (including Tg3, Tg5, Radio Uno, Radio 24, Radio Capodistria, Repubblica, La Stampa, Il Corriere della Sera, Il Venerdì di Repubblica, Glamour, Marie Claire Travel, Vanity Fair/Traveller, Vogue Portogallo, Touring Club magazine and websites as Yahoo Travel,, Elle, etc.)