about me

marinamisitiI am a reportage artist based in Rome, Italy. Also known as “la reporter con la matita“, I draw from life with an eclectic approach as a reporter, illustrator and anthropologist (I graduated with honours in Cultural Anthropology from La Sapienza University of Rome, with  specialist degrees in Visual Anthropology). For more than two decades I traveled and worked for books’ publishers – Mondadori, Electa, Rizzoli, Condé Nast, Hachette Rusconi, etc. weekly/monthly magazines and newspapers.

Meanwhile my work has been exhibited worldwide:

    • Spain, MadridIstituto Italiano di Cultura, Drawing-on-location Event/Poetry Map, 2018
    • Egypt, Alexandria, Eight International Biennale for the Artist’s Book, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Group Show by IIC Cairo, 2018
    • Macedonia, Skopje, #99FILES, Museum of Contemporary Art MoCA, 2018
    • Italy, Rome, Risonanze, Arteealtro Nomadic Gallery, 2018
    • Italy, Rome, Mod’Arte, Arte in Regola Gallery, 2018
    • Egypt, Luxor, Luxor Cultural House, Group Show by IIC Cairo, 2017
    • Italy, Villapiana (CS), “Digital Doors Festival”, #grafieurbane Solo Show, 2017
    • Egypt, Cairo, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Group Show, 2017
    • Spain, Madrid, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, #grafieurbane Show Event, 2016
    • Italy, Rome Open Studio, “Urban Sketches Collection”, 2014
    • Great Britain, London “fLIP” Show/Event, 2011
    • USA, New York, Callahan Gallery, St. Francis College Brooklyn, “Perspectives On Time”, 2011
    • Brazil, Florianopolis, “Strati velati”, 2011
    • USA, New York, Durst Gallery, “New Visions”, 2011
    • Brazil, Brusque, Rome-by-bus 87/70, 2011
    • USA, New York, Macy’s Herald sq, “A Woman’s World”, 2011
    • Italy, Latina, Laranarossa Gallery, 2011
    • USA, New York, Manhattan Borough President Gallery, “The Art of Commerce”, 2010
    • Italy, Rome, ViaGiulia95 Gallery, “MUP Project”, 2009
    • Italy, Sabaudia (LT), Emilio Greco Museum, “MadPhoto Donna”, 2009
    • Italy, International Photo Festival of Corigliano Calabro, “MUP Project”, 2008

* In Juin 2016/October 2018 I was artist-in-residence at the Italian Cultural Institute in Madrid


CUBA, 1990. The old man, the sea, and one of my first assignments as visual reporter with Gregorio Fuentes, the model for Ernest Hemingway’s fisherman Santiago (in “The Old man and the Sea”)

I’ve been listed on WomenWhoDraw directory, and awarded numerous prizes  for my reportages. I’m the author of:

Con le mani, con i piediMONDADORI ELECTA Ed, 2015; “Ho cambiato la mia vita”, MONDADORI ELECTA Ed, 2013; three Limited Edition art-books (New York, Tokyo, London), 2010, and “Donne con la valigia: A Little Guide to the Art of Stylish Travelling”  (ASTRAEA Ed, 2009).

As a travel blogger, I’ve run the successful blog Donneconlavaligia

For updates on my latest creative projects, see: www.traccedinchiostro.com


For commissions or inquiries, please contact: